The Armless Guitarist – Mark Goffeney

Mark Goffeney is a native San Diegan whose talent and ambition have helped him to achieve ongoing success as a performer, speaker and television personality. Mark has been recognized for his work internationally and was nominated for an Emmy award in 1998 for his principal role in

Lap of Life

With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high” Ayrton Senna 1960-1994.

Blind Austistic Boy Sings Open The Eyes of My Heart

Christopher Duffley is an amazing kid with an AMAZING God! Born premature, blind, and autistic, Christopher was adopted by his parents before they realized God has gifted this young fellow with the gift of music! This recording is from the 2011 “New Hampshire Night of Worship” celebration

Her Faith, Hope and Love Will Inspire You

Before passing away from her cancer, Abigail Smith left behind a message that’s so inspiring, it might just make you break down. Her faith was unshakable.

A Message for Mom

Hi Sonja, mind to introduce yourself? My name is Sonja Herbert. I was born right after WWII in Germany, in a circus. My half-Jewish mother hid from the Nazis in that circus, and the owner fell in love with her and married her after the war. I