Sacrifice Their Eyes for Their Baby

A COUPLE plan to donate one eye each to their 17-month-old son so that he can see. Doctors told Yus Nurlina Mohd Yusuf, 25, and Khairul Syafiq Azmi, 27, that Khairil Mikhail’s left eye was not functioning while his right eye was impaired. “My husband and I

I Like Soccer Balls

A young boy starts his own non profit to change the world.

The Audacity of Hope

Run for 20 ChildrenThere are times that life can be so challenging that everything seems hopeless and life itself unbearable. However, in the face of hopelessness, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The resilience of some 20 children has led to an

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Lily is Young But Inspiring

Lily watched as her grandfather struggled to do the simplest things because of his Parkinson’s and she knew she had to act. When you see what she did you’ll be amazed!